Refining my Identity

When I first started out this website, I was completely baffled by what to put. Even though I’m currently a senior, I have only made casual resumes for part-time jobs and have never actually done a professional one. I thought about it more than writing. I had to keep in mind that my future job setting would most likely be at a school, so I had to keep everything appropriate and maybe a touch of casual to enhance my personality and approachability as a person. I wanted to express that I was a professional who wasn’t just a 2D character. I wanted to show the many sides to me that make me appear like the perfect candidate to be working with kids. For instance, I made sure to include many recreational activities that were stimulating, fun, and not inappropriate for the professional setting. My important links show what I prioritize in the working field, and that is a disciplined character who is well-verse in important issues plaguing the world, how to properly conduct one’s self through means of dress and makeup, and how to follow and maintain a rewarding and healthy lifestyle.

I absolutely did not want to reveal flaws that might hinder me on the job. I made sure to manage my flaws by only showcasing ones that are very relatable to the average person, like my indulgence in food and makeup. I provided a lot of evidence that showed visually how I was “involved,” like the group picture of all of my friends out whitewater rafting and the picture of me at naptime with three out of the twelve girls I was in charge of at camp.

My involvement with the Rutgers University Vietnamese Student Association on the homepage and my professional life page revealed that I was culturally competent and aware. I am, for the most part, Vietnamese, and it helps in that some employers seek to improve the diversity of their faculty and staff. There is an incredible shortage of Vietnamese women in the professional working field, and I really want to help improve the numbers by spreading awareness and appreciation of my culture. This is reflected in my long-term involvement with the organization.

A lot of work I put into this website revolved around my face needs. To be more specific, my positive face. I made sure I appeared likable, and that was my main priority. I wanted a warm and welcoming image of me, which I enacted in not just my content, but even in my theme. My negative face revealed itself in my ten facts about myself, when I showcased my interests and pursuits. All in all, identity management online is incredibly tiring. I was constantly evaluating and re-evaluating if this was okay to put on the website. I would reword things at least five times for my own satisfaction, and even then, I would still be uncertain about keeping it. I think, in essence, this assignment was to show that even though identity management is grueling and tiresome, it is a necessity for us as humans who want to be liked but also want to keep our autonomy.


Important Links

The New York Times – Education News

  • News pertaining to education
  • Keeps the mast aware of the ins and outs of their educational system
  • Articles are written by the most credible newspaper
  • Current and updated regularly

The New Professional

  • Tips for young, female professionals on casual business wear and how to conduct one’s self in professional environments in the office
  • This is important because ladies still are behind men in the working class, and this benefits women in skills and tips needed to even the playing field.
  • Straightforward and easy to read blog posts

Reddit – World News

  • Features serious and more pertinent international matters not offered in the average news outlets
  • Allows for quality interaction with knowledgeable and open-minded communities
  • Current and updated regularly

Sprouted Kitchen

  • Blog of many EASY healthy recipes with some travel experiences; here’s my favorite: the Breakfast Panini
  • Nowadays, people underestimate the power of a tasty, filling, and healthy breakfast. This blog is easy to follow and uses minimal ingredients – qualities other blogs fail to do.
  • My thing is breakfast, but this blog caters to all meals and beverages throughout the days and seasons!

30-Day Flat Abs Challenge

  • Created by POP Pilates and Blogilates creator
  • Offers specific month-long challenges that focus on specific body goals – mine will always be my butt or stomach.
  • Workable exercise regime that won’t intimidate you and are fun to do with friends
  • Fashion and makeup can only come so far as to allow a woman to feel good about herself; everyone needs to eat and enjoy proper meals and exercise to really take care of their health.

My Professional Life


  • May 2009 – May 2010
  • Position: Sales Associate
  • Duties: Customer service, cashier, store maintenance, shipment


  • June 2010 – September 2010
  • Position: Sales Associate
  • Duties: Customer service, cashier, store maintenance


  • June 2010 – September 2010 & May 2011 – August 2011
  • Position: Sales Associate
  • Duties: Store maintenance, customer service, cashier


  • October 2011 – Current
  • Position: Fundraising Chair (September 2014 – May 2015)
  • Duties: Raising money through sponsors and fundraising, volunteering at regular and annual events, reporting for meetings and keeping members up-to-date, assisting other members with their duties when they need assistance, and maintaining regular contact with sponsors.


  • May 2012 – January 2015
  • Position: Sales Associate
  • Duties: Intensive customer service, store maintenance, cashier, shipment
  • Experience: This job for me was the epitome of retail. While my previous retail jobs have been straightforward and a little more simple, WHBM demanded much more from their employees. We were trained on how to calmly approach customers and dress them with minimal resistance. It is considered an upscale store so some articles ran on the pricey side, but this job taught me there is no such impossible obstacle. Through perfected communication skills and quality fashion tips and ideas, sales were hardly ever just one piece of clothing. I pride myself in learning to realize women’s needs and putting them into action. This section of my life also further increased my knowledge and interest in the world of women professionalism.


  • September 2013 – Current
  • Position: Office Assistant
  • Duties: handling confidential documents, assisting with development of current and future course schedules, reaching out to instructors with important information, updating the School of Social Work’s webpage
  • Experience: Office work is completely and entirely paperwork. However, by nature, I love to organize things and make areas look nice and neat…so in essence, this job was perfect for me. It allowed me to think outside the box when it comes to working with tight, cramped spaces and how to professionally conduct myself through my emails and documentation of important files.


  • July 2015 – August 2015
  • Position: Camp Counselor for kindergarten girls
  • Duties: watch over 12 little girls, get them to participate in all activities, make sure they all eat what they’re supposed to, change them for swim twice a day/change them back to normal clothes twice a day, make sure everyone has fun and is returned home safely
  • Experience: This was ultimately the most rewarding experience I have ever encountered out of all work that I’ve done. Even though it was by far, the hardest thing I’ve done to date, it was the most fun I had working. I recognized that I really, genuinely enjoy working with kids. This job paved the path to my school counseling ambition.

***Gaps in time due to focus on school

10 Things About Me

1.) I just recently bought myself a Keurig and my take on life has improved remarkably every morning.

2.) I like to hoard Victoria Secret lotions but I still stick to only using my St. Ives one. THEY JUST SMELL SO GOOD…

3.) I constantly battle over my love for makeup and my love for food. For instance, when I’m out eating a particularly expensive meal, I’ll estimate how many tubes of Mac lipstick I could’ve gotten with this money…and vice versa.

4.) For my birthday recently (September 7!), I went whitewater rafting in the middle of a rainstorm. Most surreal experience ever, and I’m still surprised none of my friends wanted to kill me. See if you can spot me!


5.) This summer, I was in charge of twelve 4-5 year-olds for the very first time ever, and what was so surprising was that I had tons of fun and would 10/10 do it again!

6.) I had the same 3 roommates for four years in college, and I did not know them prior to entering college! We are also all set to graduate together. (Somehow we ALL ended up staying one extra semester…)


7.) I’ve never finished a salad in my entire life.

8.) I consider myself super fortunate to have found many friends who are all just really good people and I know that ten years from now, they will still be in my life.

9.) I only had one surgery ever and it was to remove an abscess from my armpit. An abscess is “a swollen area within body tissue, containing an accumulation of pus.” With you guys in mind, I have decided to keep my photos to myself.

10.) I was featured in an article for Rutgers University. Check it out by clicking here.