10 Things About Me

1.) I just recently bought myself a Keurig and my take on life has improved remarkably every morning.

2.) I like to hoard Victoria Secret lotions but I still stick to only using my St. Ives one. THEY JUST SMELL SO GOOD…

3.) I constantly battle over my love for makeup and my love for food. For instance, when I’m out eating a particularly expensive meal, I’ll estimate how many tubes of Mac lipstick I could’ve gotten with this money…and vice versa.

4.) For my birthday recently (September 7!), I went whitewater rafting in the middle of a rainstorm. Most surreal experience ever, and I’m still surprised none of my friends wanted to kill me. See if you can spot me!


5.) This summer, I was in charge of twelve 4-5 year-olds for the very first time ever, and what was so surprising was that I had tons of fun and would 10/10 do it again!

6.) I had the same 3 roommates for four years in college, and I did not know them prior to entering college! We are also all set to graduate together. (Somehow we ALL ended up staying one extra semester…)


7.) I’ve never finished a salad in my entire life.

8.) I consider myself super fortunate to have found many friends who are all just really good people and I know that ten years from now, they will still be in my life.

9.) I only had one surgery ever and it was to remove an abscess from my armpit. An abscess is “a swollen area within body tissue, containing an accumulation of pus.” With you guys in mind, I have decided to keep my photos to myself.

10.) I was featured in an article for Rutgers University. Check it out by clicking here.


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