Important Links

The New York Times – Education News

  • News pertaining to education
  • Keeps the mast aware of the ins and outs of their educational system
  • Articles are written by the most credible newspaper
  • Current and updated regularly

The New Professional

  • Tips for young, female professionals on casual business wear and how to conduct one’s self in professional environments in the office
  • This is important because ladies still are behind men in the working class, and this benefits women in skills and tips needed to even the playing field.
  • Straightforward and easy to read blog posts

Reddit – World News

  • Features serious and more pertinent international matters not offered in the average news outlets
  • Allows for quality interaction with knowledgeable and open-minded communities
  • Current and updated regularly

Sprouted Kitchen

  • Blog of many EASY healthy recipes with some travel experiences; here’s my favorite: the Breakfast Panini
  • Nowadays, people underestimate the power of a tasty, filling, and healthy breakfast. This blog is easy to follow and uses minimal ingredients – qualities other blogs fail to do.
  • My thing is breakfast, but this blog caters to all meals and beverages throughout the days and seasons!

30-Day Flat Abs Challenge

  • Created by POP Pilates and Blogilates creator
  • Offers specific month-long challenges that focus on specific body goals – mine will always be my butt or stomach.
  • Workable exercise regime that won’t intimidate you and are fun to do with friends
  • Fashion and makeup can only come so far as to allow a woman to feel good about herself; everyone needs to eat and enjoy proper meals and exercise to really take care of their health.

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